Au:Reallery - Augmented Reality Jewellery - was designed to discover, connect and rethink our world. A collection of four jewellery pieces with an associated App opens the door to a new, augmented reality. With au:reallery we turn jewellery from a passive into an active communication medium by connecting digital communication and body language.

The App recognizes the gemstone in every piece of jewellery and follows its movement virtually, which is visible as a 3D object on your smartphone display. The App was made to create a community, so you can share and complement your 3D line with others.


All pieces are based on a body that was 3D printed and later on casted by hand. The frame around the body is either 3D printed brass or handmade in copper.

The exceptional part is the gemstone, called Pinolith: It is one of the most classic materials in goldsmith's craft - What is more suitable as a key to the digital world, then a Rock with a timeless aesthetic? Consequently, the gemstone acts as an anchor to the real world.


As innovation is part of their philosophy, german jewelry design brand NIESSING is always at the forfront when it comes to new technologies and media such as augmented reality. Since 2021 I implement ar applications into their visual communication via instagram filters. 

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more 3D projects will be published soon.

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